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The brainchild of Mr T. J. Joseph, Anu Solar Powertraces its founding spirit back to the early eighties,when the nationalistic, selfless entrepreneurial spiritwas at its shining best.

The abiding force behind Anu Solar Power is the desire for India to be energy sufficient, and to harness a clean, renewable energy for economic growth. Thismotto has led to the development of a host of indigenous renewable energy products like solar water heaters, LED lights and solar inverters.

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Welcome to Anu Solar Power

Anu Solar Power has been around for nearly three decades, and has had extensive and intensive exposure to the growth and development of the renewable energy sector in the country. The organizations founding fathers share a deep commitment to develop world class renewable energy products for the Indian masses, at affordable rates. One of the few companies with a significant and highly accomplished R&D team, Anu Solar Power has developed and customized a host of products, from solar water heaters, LED lights and solar inverters for the Indian scenario.

We offer flat plate, and evacuated tub collector solar water heaters for both domestic and industrial use. Our range of LED lights are assembled at our state-of-the-art factory in Bangalore, and our solar inverter is one of the finest in the industry.

Anu Solar Power pioneered a new method of deploying solar water heaters in homes when we launched I-Hot in 2009. The pay as you use concept, allows consumers to access hot water at an astounding15 paisa per unit, thus making solar water heaters highly accessible to the growing population.



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100 KW Southern Electronics





 100 KW Installation at Southern Electronics

400 nos250 W Solar PV Panels fabricated on a
sheet metal roof. Solar PV is connected to
100KVA Grid Interactive PCU with battery 
bank of 200Ah@240 Volts,


petrol pump

6 KWp at Petrol Pump, Bihar Chappra
Previously the customer was spending Rs 20000
per month on his diesel cost as the bunk was
powered only by the diesel genset and grid access
is not present. In such a scenario, the payback
period is less than 3.5 years.


Anu Solar-on grid power at the Department of
Atomic energy[DAE] Shivakote. Another moment
of pride for Anu Solar Power Pvt Ltd.

roof tile

1.5 KWp Solar Roof-Tile PV Installation in Palakkad,
Kerala. This is the first of its kind in India, developed
and designed by Anu Solar Power Pvt Ltd. The Solar
Roof-Tile is a Power-Full solution for your house
and is architecturally delightful.The system was
installed for Mr.C.K Sivanandan, Bureau Chief,
Malayalam Manorama.

panel with three bulbs

3 BULB Home Lighting Kit
(Emergency Lights)
Specially designed DC Home Lighting Kits with
inbuilt Lihium battery, three stage brightness
control (with remote control). Easy to Install,
Plug N Play feature. 'Solar Microinverters' from
Anu can be installed in just 5 minutes.


Solar Water Heating, Solar Power and LED Lightings
Provided at St Jospehs Church, Kalkere.

All Lightings within the church had been provided by
Anu. Speciallly crafted chandeliers adorn the interiors
of the church. The entire power for the church is been
generated through Solar and sucessfully executed by
Anu Solar. 

 nagarjuna installation

Installation of 10 KWp at Residence of Celebrity
Couple Superstar Nagarjuna and Amala Akkinenni. 
Join the Anu Green Revolution and say goodbye to
power cuts.

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