Benefits Of Opting for ON Grid Solar Solution

  • Financial Savings – Solar power cost (Rs. 2.0/unit) works to less than grid tariff (About Rs. 6.3-8/unit)
  • Reducing your tax burden – 80% Accelerated depreciation can be availed on Capital investment.
  • Free power for 40 years and more – Solar System pays back in less than 5 years while the life is 40 years and more.
  • Inflation hedging -No uncertainty on future tariff.
  • Promotion of green energy – Fulfillment of Environmental Responsibility and CSR Initiative.
  • DG/Gas power – high cost, logistics issues compared to Solar Power
  • Solar Roof Top Solution keeps the building cooler lowering the air conditioning cost.

Components of ON Grid system

  • Solar Array
  • Mounting Equipment
  • DC Combiner Box with string fuses, DC Surge Protection Devices(SPD) and DC disconnect switch
  • Inverters
  • AC Distribution Box with AC Surge Protection Devices(SPD)
  • Bidirectional Meter
  • Earthing Kit
  • Lightning Arrestor

On Grid Solar Solution from Anu Solar

ANU Solar Private Limited provides a one stop end to end solution for Rooftop Solar PV systems that will be custom designed to meet the specific needs of a consumer. The system integration scope of ANU Solar would include:

  • Site Visit and study of roof space, electrical loads, previous consumption etc
  • Finalize the system sizing and parameters for operation
  • Laisoning work for PPA and synchronization.
  • Detailed Design of System including all electrical(DC side) and structural systems
  • Procurement of all components
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Trial operation and system loading
  • Provide training to customer staff for basic overview and trouble shooting.

On Grid Solar systems range from 3KW,5KW,10KW,15KW,20KW and above.