4 KWp Grid Interactive for Indianoil in Gooty, Andhra

PV is the easiest renewable electricity source to incorporate into buildings. The electricity is supplied at the point of use, thus avoiding the losses which occur in electricity distribution. It can be used at any scale – from less than a kWp on an individual home up to MWp scale systems on large public buildings – and is simple and reliable.

System Design

As the bunk is situated in the highway bunk is prone to Powercuts regularly leading to increased costs of running DG sets and loss of business opportunities during Power Outages. Anu Smart 4000 system installed takes care of their problem and ensures there is no consumption from DG and grid is used only in case of outages. Total 3 petrol nozzles are running on this system. System is a 4 KWp Grid Interactive System installed. System configuration offered is with 2.3 KWp Solar PV with 4 KW grid Interactive Inverter and 200Ah@48 Battery Bank.