25 KWP Installation at a residence at Millers Road

PV is the easiest renewable electricity source to incorporate into buildings. The electricity is supplied at the point of use, thus avoiding the losses which occur in electricity distribution. It can be used at any scale – from less than a kWp on an individual home up to MWp scale systems on large public buildings – and is simple and reliable.

System Design

System is a 25KWp Grid Interactive System installed for a Residence in Millers Road, Bangalore. System configuration offered is with 25 KWp Solar PV with 25 KVA grid Interactive Inverter and 300Ah@240V Battery Bank. Solar photovoltaic (pv) modules generate electricity from sunlight, which are supplied to the loads and balance stored in the batteries which will be used at night and at times when Solar Power is not sufficient. Also the battery backup provides power to the loads during power outages.