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Our personal and work lives are extensively dependent on electricity and grind to an unpleasant halt each time the power goes out. It is in times like these that a solar inverter becomes a super way to ensure your home and office have their lights on even during a power shut down. The great advantage of a solar inverter is that it does not add to your energy bill and the convenience it brings to your office and home are irreplaceable.

When your neighborhood is plunged into darkness, your solar inverter ensures your appliances and lights are on and running. The converted active current from your inverter can be modified to any required voltage and frequency.

User friendly, yet performance driven solar inverters are esthetically designed by Anu Solar Power, and manufactured in different power outputs for both domestic and commercial requirements.


Wow Your Family & Office with a Digital Inverter

  • Super audio & visual indicators for status and fault
  • Cooling CCCV technology with auto trickle mode
  • Smart overload sense & short circuit protection
  • Impressive Battery state monitoring
  • Easily and quickly serviceable
  • Awesome multi stage battery charger
  • Insightful over charge cut off from AC & solar synchronizer
  • Hybrid charging technology to reduce electricity bills

Our inverters are compact, elegantly designed and free of any significant noise. They are the best ever onetime investment you can give yourself and your family, besides of course relieving your pocket of the monthly pressures of an electric bill.

Micro controller based digital inverter from Anu Solar Power are designed using intelligent, state-of-the-art technology for high performance and reliability. Our digital technology enhances the life of the battery and require minimal maintenance.

Anu Solar inverters are not just an excellent product, they are your choice of a progressive lifestyle and a means to enjoy free power from sun.


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