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A growing number of homes and even commercial establishments are choosing to get off the non renewable energy power grid. The reasons are numerous and range from the need to be energy sufficient to doing away with recurrent energy bills. Are you also contemplating moving off the energy grid? Anu Solar Power can help you plan to do so.

With over two decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, we understand the intricacies of designing a stable and reliable system to power your home or establishment on renewable energy. Our consultants will audit your property and advise you on a comprehensive range of options that meet your exact needs. We offer suggestions for inverters, leveraging the advantages of solar energy and LED lighting.

Benefits of Off Grid Power Solutions

  • Reduced dependences on energy from non renewable sources
  • Reduced recurring energy costs
  • Environment friendly statement
  • Greater control of one’s energy with little or no down time

Off Grid Power Solutions from Anu Solar Power

  • Consultancy for green audit and green building – if you are a large company and desire to get energy sufficient, we from Anu Solar can give you an end-to-end solutions that helps you comply with legal requires and reduce your organizations carbon footprint. Our consultants are highly trained and develop niche customized solutions.
  • Solar Water Heaters - With extensive domain expertise in not just manufacturing but research and development as well, and with 27 years in the business of renewable energy Anu Solar Power provides world class solar water heaters for both domestic and industrial use.
  • LED Lights - Anu Solar Power specializes in manufacturing solar based LED lights. Our cost efficient indigenous technology means our products are assembled at our state of the art manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Our products come with an ISI mark and are BIS approved, which means you access products that are benchmarked against the best.
  • Solar Inverters - Micro controller based digital inverter from Anu Solar Power are designed using intelligent, state-of-the-art technology for high performance and reliability. Our digital technology enhances the life of the battery and require minimal maintenance.

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